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Fairway Holiday Isle of Wight is situated in Sandown on the beautiful island. The island itself is acknowledged as being one of the sunniest places in Britain with magnificent beaches and breathtaking scenery – the ideal setting for a carefree, relaxing holiday.

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Isle of Wight Holiday Parks

Holidays on the Isle of Wight are extremely relaxing and peaceful. Simply relax or have a great time exploring, camping touring, walking and cycling on amazing, scenic routes, across the most stunning coastlines with your family and friends.

With a majority of the Island recognized as an area of outstanding beauty, the Isle of Wight features dramatic coastlines, ancient forests, and many family holiday parks and touring camping parks. The Isle of Wight is a great escape from the daily hustle and bustle of the city and promises a trip you could only dream of!

Holidays on the isle offer not only a variety of outdoor pool activities but also a number of local cafes which serve fresh seafood, a large number of music festivals, adventure parks including the Dinosaur Isle and extremely beautiful, sandy shores. So come on down to the beach with your family and have the holiday of a lifetime.

Things To Do On The Isle Of Wight

The Isle of Wight is amongst the most famous holiday hotspots in England. A quick 40-minute ferry ride away from the mainland, the Isle of Wight boasts warm climates, enchanting coastlines, a number of historic towns to explore, and famous sandy beaches like Shanklin Beach, Thorness Bay, and Sandown Bay, as well as numerous holiday parks offering a number of places to stay. The fun can begin from the minute of your arrival.

It doesn’t matter if you have come to the isle of Wight on your short breaks or are here for a longer time, there are a number of activities you can enjoy. Spend the night in the perfect holiday home or caravan at Fairway Holiday Parks, and begin your day by exploring the countryside. The Isle also has number of historical villages to explore, like Shanklin, Wroxall, Ventnor, Priory bay and Arreton.

However, if you are in the mood for fun, Sandown Bay is only a short distance away. 

On the other hand, you can also spend your holiday being lazy and relax by an outdoor pool, loosen up in our outdoor heated pools, or enjoy watching your children in our paddling pools – just few amongst the range of facilities, entertainment and activities that our park offers.

Discover the Fabulous Isle of Wight

For those of you who enjoy the beach, Sandown Bay is only a 25 minutes stroll away. The bay boasts some of the most glorious beaches found on the Isle of Wight. The experience is extremely relaxing, pet-friendly, and ideal for both adults and children.

But there is so much more to do. There are a number of market towns you can explore, vast regions with a number of cycling and strolling routes, and also vast grounds, fields and pitches in the countryside which are perfect for camping or glamping. The isle also hosts a number of popular, rockstar events each year. So you are guaranteed to have entertainment day and night. There is no need to worry about accommodation, since we are here to help. We have a number of caravans and lodges for sale, complete with modern facilities for your comfort, like outdoor pool and hot tubs.

It doesn’t matter how you and your family like to spend your holiday, because Fairway Park offers everything you need to make it your best vacation yet, with plenty to do and to see on this fabulous Isle of Wight. Contact us directly at 01983 218492, and get in touch for more information regarding Wight holiday park offers.

Getting To The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is the country’s most famous and most visited holiday resort. Which is why there is a unique and fun way to arrive here. In fact, the fun begins even before your arrival to the Isle of Wight.

The only way to get to the Isle of Wight is via the local ferry companies, through which you can even bring your car! The journey can take anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the route you take or how eager you are to arrive at your dream holidays! Ofcourse, the ferry prices will vary, depending on where you are coming from and when.  An even more unique way to reach the island is via the hovercraft, which lands only in Ryde.

12 Month Site Licence

If you are thinking of spending your half-term holiday on the Isle of Wight, or are looking for a good place to go on a short break, Fairway is the perfect place to be. Our Park offers a range of amenities and facilities for your comfort, including touring, camping, self-catering lodges and caravans, sauna paddling pools and outdoor pools, laundry facilities, on site parking, decking, disability and wheelchair accessible beach and pools, and so much more.

Here at Fairway Holiday, we have a 12-month licence that we make good use of.

A Holiday at Fairway at the Isle of Wight – Live in Caravans on the Isle Of Wight

Located on the south side of the isle of Wight, we are one of the sunniest holiday parks on the Isle of Wight. Holiday with us for magnificent, wheelchair accessible beaches and the perfect seaside weather.

We keep our park safe clean, and tidy, making us a great family holiday destination for everyone. The park offers a large range of fun and useful facilities, so you’ll never be far from fun family activity.

Our accommodation options include both caravans and lodges, and we also have a number of pet and dog friendly options. We’re also situated close to plenty of natural wonders and things to do around the Isle of Wight. Simply put, staying with us ensures the Isle is your oyster. Believe us, touring camping is nearly always better than staying in hotels when you come to the Isle of Wight for your holidays on the isle. We also have self catering options which are a great way to save money.

And you do not need to worry even if you are on a strict budget, since we have many options to cater to your every need. You can simply choose the caravan of your choosing from our last minute offers for a discount, or go for a self catered option to save money. See our caravans page for more and see all that our park offers.

Call Fairway Holiday Parks on 01983 218492 or go to our page to find out what caravans we currently have.

Buy Your Own Caravan or Lodge on the Isle of Wight

With over 40 new holiday homes for sale, we have plenty of caravans and log cabins for you to purchase on the Isle of Wight.

A caravan on the Isle of Wight could be your home away from home. A place to get away from it all, surrounded by the picturesque Sandown region. Indeed, the bay is only 25 minutes away on foot!

That makes Fairway Holiday Parks the perfect place to settle for your caravan holidays, with spectacular land and seascapes on offer.

If you come to the Isle of Wight every half term holidays, then you should definitely consider purchasing your own caravan and becoming an owner! It can be your perfect holiday home to drop by in your short breaks.

Buying our caravans might seem expensive, but in reality is quite cheap. The insurance is highly affordable, and any and all wear and tear can be easily fixed.

Becoming the owner of one of our holiday caravans will also allow you to decorate your Isle of Wight caravan! Cosy and cute, or contemporary and sparkling, it’s all up to the owners. Believe us, it’s much better than hiring out each year, or simply pitching up a tent!

So if you want to truly sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty, invest in a caravan or lodge at Fairway Holiday Parks today! Holiday home owners get additional discounts and can still use the wide range of our park’s facilities. Don’t wait till the last minute, and check out our homes now!

Browse through our collection that is currently for sale, and let yourself fall in love with the perfect caravan or log cabin! We care for all our customers. Call us on our company number for further information regarding price an availability or go to our page for more park offers.

Places to Visit on The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is famous for loads of reasons and is the country’s top holiday resorts. It has sparkling, ever-changing coastlines, beautiful sandy beaches, unique landmarks and attractions and a number of holiday parks, and is full of places to visit and explore. Luckily for you, we have all the information needed to guide you. See our page to find out more about what the isle offers.

So if you are looking to plan the perfect family holidays on the isle, these are some of the icons and attractions you just cannot miss.

1. The Needles

Perhaps the most iconic, appealing, and attractive landmark in the Isle of Wight, the Needles are three huge, white chalk rocks rising out of the sea. While the rocks themselves make for an iconic sight and a great background for photos, there is so much more to do while you are there.

One famous attraction near the needle is the world-famous chairlift ride, which begins at the top of the cliff and lets you enjoy the most beautiful views of the Needles and the ocean. Other attractions near the site include a 4D cinema, the Alum Bay Glass Demonstrations, and a Jurassic Adventure Golf Club. Near the Needles, the Isle of Wight also offers an actual army base to explore. You can actually explore the regions at which batteries once stood and protected the country from invaders. 


2. Isle of Wight Steam Railway

A heritage site and among Uk’s highly visited attractions, the Isle of Wight Steam Railway is an award-winning attraction. Equally appealing to both adults and children, the railway allows you to step back into a previous era and enjoy beautifully restored Victorian carriages and truly live the experience. Go through some reviews to see what the railway truly holds on its website.

You might be interested to know that the locomotives and carriages used by the railway were actually built in the 19th century, and are used to give sightseers a tour through ancient forests, farms and the famous sweeping Downland.

3. Dinosaur Isle

Located in Sandown and quite near Fairway Holiday Parks, the Dinosaur isle is a purpose-built Jurassic museum. Wildly accurate and extremely enjoyable, the museum is loved by both adults and children as it pays its respects to the residents of the pre-historic past.

The Museum contains life sized figures of  5 extremely famous dinosaurs – Neovenator, Eotyrannus, Iguanodon, Hypsilophodon and Polacanthus, as well as the fossilised remains of actual dinosaurs.

But what children love the most is the Futuristic dinosaur robot, which you can control!


4. Isle of Wight Zoo

Located in Sandown beach in what was previously the Sandown Fort, the Isle of Wight Zoo is famous for a number of reasons. However, it is most widely known for its population of big cats and Madagascan animals, including different types of lions, tigers and lemurs.

Previously a family run business, the zoo recently became a registered charity, which rescues and promotes the survival of endangered species. Find out more about it on the website.

What out customers say about us…

We’ve stayed at most of the big parks and i can honestly say this has been a great little park. The park was very clean, it’s very quiet at night which is refreshing compared to other places we’ve stayed, the evening entertainers were fantastic and the kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed them.

Mr A Jones

We have just left our holiday at Fairway Holiday Park, we used to go there every year as children growing up. The entertainment at night was great, the park is in a great location for walking to the beach and the heated pool was a great addition, a good size and very clean.

Sarah & Rahim

Just returned from another wonderful holiday at Fairway Caravan Park, had an amazing holiday. The kids were so happy that Stevo and Kai were in the club house for the evening entertainment and they both had a great time. Can’t wait to see you all again next year.

Happy Holiday Mum